Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fare Thee Well...

"Don't be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."
-Richard Bach-

Its 8.30am, the fourth of October 2007. 2mrw afternoon at 3pm, Andrew, Big Joe will get on an air plane and leave for U.K, most probably for good. He'll b goin there to further his studies, as well as to try n start a new life there, with a new career once he's done studying. It'll b a major lost, not just for Aunty Mable's, but in our lives as well... We had our last gathering n jammin as a band last sunday. It was a super emo moment.

I, Keith n Andrew have been playing together in a band since the begining of 2003. We were the first of Aunty Mable's. Of course our band was called somethin else that time. We had some good times together off n on the band. Andrew's not juz a member of Aunty Mable's, but a close friend. Replacing his position in the band is going to b really difficult, although we've already got a couple of bassist who want to play with us. We'll b auditioning them in these few weeks.

We've got a month for our new bassist to learn everything, as we've got loadsa private gigs in Nov. Of course even once we get a new basist, he'll never b able to take over Big Joe's position fully. He'll b a new Aunty Mable. He can never b the big bear... hehehe... His family threw him a farewell prayer meeting cum dinner at his place last night. It was the last time the whole band got to see him before he leaves, as they cant get off work to send him off at the airport. I'm still trying to get out of work to b there. Hopefully i can. Oh man, feel damn emo now...

Anywayz, juz wanna say, We love you, bro! Gonna miss you like hell! I'm gonna miss dissin' ya... hahaha... Seriously, gonna miss your company. Was sittin' with keith the other day n going back on events that we performed together, damn!! Well, i'll let the pictures below do the talking for me.

Adios ma' bassist, ma' fren, ma' brother... Till' we meet again!!

...@Miss Sabah/World, Sabah 2007

...@Bojangle's, KL 2007

...@17 Mag's Summer Splash, Sunway 2007

...@Startlight Cinema, KBU 2007

...@UTP's Annual Dinner, Ipoh 2007

...@G2 Christian Life Center, Hartamas 2007

...@UTP - First Outstation Gig, Perak 2007

...First Aunty Mable's Poster

...@BlastOff 2007 - Post Results

...@BlastOff 2007 - Finals

...@BlastOff 2007 - My favourite pic of us performing

...@BlastOff Auditions - Aunty Mable's very first pic together -, Rumms KL 2006

...@Backstage with CODA & XO, Rumms KL 2007

...@Hitz.Tv Studio - Post Interview, KL 2006

...@Astro Studio - Interview with Multiple TV Channels, KL 2006

...@Ali Bawal Studio - Mable's first music video - Post Shoot, PJ 2006

...@SAE Studio - Back when we were known as HardStrive - Our First Recording, KL 2005

...@Keith's Couz Wedding Function - HardStrive, KL 2005

...@OLL's Easter Ball - HardStrive, KEC Klang 2006

...@INTI College Talent Nite - HardStrive, Subang 2006

...@INTI College - HardStrive's New line-up, Subang 2006

...@Taylors Comm Day - HardStrive's original band, Subang 2005

...@Taylors Comm Day, Subang 2005

...@Taylors Comm Day - Hardstrive - Original Line-up, Subang 2005

Many more pics... too many to upload...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

In Memory of Nurin Jazlin

I've been following Nurin's story from the day she went missing, and was shocked n broken to find out about her fate. Its the most shocking news i've heard all year... I was certain that she would show up soon, but not in the state that she did! I can't believe that someone could do such a thing to an innocent child. I was deeply saddened and disturbed when the media published the findings of a dead girl in a sports bag. And to add to my emotions, they concluded through DNA testings that the body belongs to that of Nurin, who's been missing since the 20th of Aug 07. Nurin was kidnapped at night when she went to the "pasar malam" by herself, and was missing since then, only to show up dead in a sports bag 28days later. Autopsy revealed that the little child was brutally sexually assaulted, tortured n murdered. How could any human do such a thing?? She's only 8years old! She had her whole life ahead of her! Its sooo wrong for a child to suffer a death like she did! Only God knows wat else the assailant did for 28days while he kept her. Eventhough i do not know the girl personally, but for the past month i've become familiar with her face n existence, and find it hard to accept such a tragedi. I only can imagine the pain her parents, family, n friends have to go through in dealing with this loss. I can't imagine bearing the pain of lossing a child, especially a child thats been sexually assulted and brutally murdered. My deepest heartfelt condolence goes out to Nurin's parents n siblings. May you rest in peace, sweetheart. The monster who did such a thing doesn't deserve to live, he/she should b caught quickly before he/she strikes again!

Nurin's uncle opened a blog since the day she went missing, in order to make ppl aware of this case, as well as keeping ppl updated with the truth, as the media isnt always accurate. Visit the blog at

Nurin's case has aroused concern from ppl all around the world. While they were countless encouraging, n heart-felt msges and comments from ppl, there were also a number of ppl who assaulted Nurin's family with harsh words, and some even prank called the family, mentioning Nurin's whereabouts just for a laugh! Honestly, these people who did this are as heartless and guilty as the murderer himself!!

To top that, our fellow "leaders" decided to blame n punish Nurin's parents for this tragedi! C'mon!!! Give the parents a break already, man! They've been through, and still goin through hell! Its so typical of them to point fingers, coz they're no where near in finding the assailant! Juz taking the easier way out! Dammit! The focus of the investigation should b on finding the assh*le who did this, not on the parents! I mean, if you're gonna blame the parents for wat happened, then you're as guilty as the murderer coz you're the ppl with power, you're the law enforcers, therefore its YOUR freakin job to keep monsters like these off the damn streets! Point that damn fingers on yourselves if you dun have any leads in this case!

The security in our country is deteriorating fast. Seriously our law enforcers should stop wasting their time on traffic offences, n "who didnt bring their ICs", n "Stop burning our flags!", and start focusing their attention on things that matter more like robbery, murder, and rape; which have been increasing tremendously, that even children are not spared these days! I think i'mma pack my bags n leave for Africa, it seems safer there despite their ongoing civil war.

I'm trully saddened by this whole thing. Well, at least she's in a better place now! May you b in peace forever, dearest Nurin Jazlin. May the peace of God be with your family, and friends.... AL-FATIHAH...

"Opeartion Coleman" - Accomplished!

Oh man, forgot bout my blog... hahaha... well, juz a little update on wats been goin on with my life... I juz started work again after having a loooooong 16-day break... hahaha.... Yeah, i took a loong leave, coz i've got like so many days to clear. N besides, it was my birthday! hahaha... Yeah, my birthday usually lasts a minimum of 12 days... hahahahah!!

Anywayz, we (me & Hermann - Vacation Planning Comm.) have decided to use ambiguous "military mission" names for our vacations from now onwards, coz we go on too many vacations, and easily get confused one with another. hahaha... Besides, we need to keep all planning documents in the "blur" when our parents discover them (and they usually do). hahaha... Its not that our parents won't allow us to go out or anything, its not like we're 16 anymore... hahaha... The reason we wanna keep them in the "blur" is coz, they might wanna JOIN us!!!! Now, how can you say NO to your parents if they wanna join??? Not only that, if they don't join us, we'll have to sit through HOURS of lectures before we leave, on how we should not drink too much, n take care, dun forget to call, dun forget to lock the cars, drive safely, etc... I mean, parents will b parents la rite? So to make it easier, we've decided to go on ambiguous names, like mentioned above. We tried this new idea on our last vacation in the first week of September. We called it, "Operation Coleman" - hence the title...

Firstly, We got the name "Coleman" from the star of our vacation... The coleman ice box!! hahaha... It sooooo freakin huge, we could fit three crates plus ice, n two 1 litre bottles with glasses n coke in it. N our "main event" for the vacation was to station that colemanon box by the beach, n station ourselves comfortably beside it, n indulge in our beverages all day long! hahaha! Perfecto! Of course the drinks in the coleman, as listed above, were not the only drinks we had! Thats like tooooo little. Haha, that drinks lasted us only for about 4 hours. Btw, there were 9 of us including two of our guests from the island itself. Trust me, we had lots more drinks.. hahaha

"Operation Coleman" took place in Penang, only coz we couldnt book any other island due to the Merdeka peak period. But Penang was excellent. Had loads of fun. The group consists of Me, Big Joe, Keith, Roshen, Hermann, Nich, and Daniel a.k.a Petro (hahahaha. Then when we reached, we were joined by two other friends who study in USM n live on the island, Sussi, and Rina.

Everything was great in Penang except, whenever we drink, we need BAH KUT TEH!! n OH no!!! Penang's Bah Kut Teh was horrible! No offence, but nothing beats KLANG!!! Hahaha... Oh n after going to the east coast, beaches on this side of the country, juz dun "satisfy". The so called BEST club in Penang is Slippery Senorita, supposed to b hosting a great band as well... Well, hmmmmm.... the club was huge, but the DJ sucked... He repeated the same playlist for like about 3 times while we were there. N we were there for only about 3-4hrs. The band sucked as well. The drinks...well, they're drinks... they're good anywhere.hahaha... the ppl were ok, like KL... Overall, the place was overpriced and sooooo "nothing" compared to our clubs here in KL. But no regrets.. hahaha...

A whole lot of other stuff happened at "Operation Coleman", which are classified n better left on the island... Any leakage of such information could end up in the "leaker" being Shot!! Next mission on schedule is, "Operation Phoenix Flight" which is scheduled for launch on the 25th of Oct on another island, Langkawi... Yeah, i told you we go on vacations too often.. hahaha... its a monthly thing!! hahahaha... Anyway, here are some pics... check 'em out...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mable's GIG News!!

Gig at Bojangles was awesome. Will be playing there again soon. Watch out for that. Performance at Starlight cinema was the crappiest performance we've ever had. The sound system for that night was catered for a jamming studio, i guess. Lousy sound system, unprofessional sound man, and an unprepared, disorganized, in-experience stage crew. Overall the most embarassing performance ever. It made us sound like a kindegarthen school bell. That's gonna leave a bad impact on our reputation.

Moving on...

Will be launched on FLYfm on the 26th of August 2007 (Sunday) at 7pm-8pm (Campur Chart). Mable's will b hosting the show with Basil of FLYfm for a full hour. Our single, "FLY WITH ME" will be launched in the middle of the chart. We'll need votes to determine our placing in the campur chart, in the coming weeks. Please vote for us. Its absolutely free.

how to vote?

email OR text campur(space) Aunty Mable's and send to 33661. Check out previous shows on .


Its a Top10 chart placing our local acts in FLYfm's weekly top 10 list.

Performing at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Klang on the 30th of August for their Merdeka Celebration '07 hosted by O.L.L's Youth.

Venue: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, KLang
Time: 8pm till late. (Mable's go on at 9pm onwards)
Admission FREE!!!

Bojangles - October (Dates Not confirmed)

KusarCabana, SS15 Subang - September (Dates Not Confirmed)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

G2 United with the Army!!!!

Join the Army at our next G2U meet,
not just any army, it's the Army of
Three, the no holds barred
contemporary gospel band thats burning
up the airways with their trash metal
style positive music! This is one band
you've got to see to believe!

Join us for this awesome G2U gathering
on Sun the 26th of Aug, the same time
(2:30pm), the same great atmosphere
but this time at a different location.
This months gathering will be @ our
spanking new facility in Klang...yup
KLANG - the regional hub for Bah Kut
Teh :-)

The Address:-
No2 Lorong Sanggul 1B
Bandar Puteri, 41200
Klang, Sel.

For directions and transportation
details contact:-
Chen Fei:0163134501
Clarance: 0122041605

See you there and be prepared to have
a blast of a time!

G2 Leadership Team

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Its gettin Cold in here!!

Cold Shoulder

Deliberate coldness or disregard or a slight snub.
For example, When I said hello to her in the library, she gave me the cold shoulder and walked away; He's been very cold to me lately [OR] He's been giving me the cold shoulder lately.
This term, which first appeared in writings by Sir Walter Scott - [Early 1800s]

(SOURCE: [ONLINE], 31st July 2007)

Cold shoulder, silent treatment do more harm than good

Cold shoulder, Silent treatment = Ostracism

Ostracism is more powerful now than ever because people have fewer strong family and friend support systems to fall back on when faced with exclusion in relationships, the workplace. "The effects of ostracism are a health concern," says Kipling Williams, professor of psychological sciences who researches ostracism. "Excluding and ignoring people, such as giving them the cold shoulder or silent treatment, are used to punish or manipulate, and people may not realize the emotional or physical harm that is being done. Some purposely hurt others by not inviting them to a party or ignoring them at work, and others may not even realize they are ostracizing someone when they ignore a new temporary employee or a friend after a disagreement.

In the past, people who were ostracized at work or by a friend could seek support and control through another significant relationship. But because people report growing more distant from extended family and relying on fewer close friendships, they might lack the support to deal with ostracism.

Ostracism is one of the most widely used forms of social punishment, and some see it as more humane than corporal punishment, as when used in a time-out, but there is a deeper psychological impact that needs to be taken seriously. When people are ostracized, it can affect their perceptions, physiological conditions, attitude and behavior - all of which sometimes can lead to aggression.

Although sometimes ostracism is unintentional, there are people who use ostracism as a tool to gain control of a situation.

Ostracism is powerful because you can get away with them. If people are physically or verbally abusive, they can be punished. But it's hard to punish someone for not making eye contact or ignoring another person. If the person is confronted by asking, 'Why are you not talking to me?,'or 'Why have you been avoiding me lately?' the person can easily deny the accusation.

SOURCE: Kipling Williams, (765) 494-0845,

Its a really good write-up. There's more to it but its too long, so these are juz the main points. Juz thought i'll share it with you guys.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

G2 United is back!!!!

Guys & Gals,

Another power packed G2 United gathering is around the corner and YOU are invited!

This time, we have, all the way from the land of Oz, down under, Mike Lott @ Lotty, a youth communicator and minister whom we're sure you're gonna enjoy listening to.

Of course it wouldn't be a G2 meeting without the power packed kinda music that shatters all traditional concepts and ideas of Praise & Worship. Prepare to be blown away as the notorious G2 band leads you into an earth shaking heaven rocking kinda praise.

You're guranteed Great Music, a Great Communicator, Wonderful Fun loving people, Great snacks and a Great Atmosphere. The only thing thats gonna be missing is YOU, should you decide not to come.

Don't miss out! Join Us, this Sun, the 29th of July, 2:30 pm at:-
No.17-1 & 19-1
Plaza Crystaville 1
Jalan 23/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480, Kuala Lumpur
(above Agros Mamak & Maybank)

For more info or transport arrangements call:
0122080624 - Nesan
0122041605 - Clarance
See you there!